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"A Team Experience"

From the Trip to Moldova, 2012

In September last year, a group of dedicated friends of Moldova traveled to share, to connect, to minister, and to learn more about the Moldovan culture. Such is the case of Sylvia, who experienced the welcome of the Moldovan people when she took a few pictures of fruit and vegetable stands along the way. She snapped a picture of a man sitting with his beautiful produce. He immediately arose and came towards her, making motions. She understood he wanted to see the picture. She showed him and he made more motions and was standing very near her. She made motions she did not understand and started walking away. Boris, one of the pastors from Moldova came to her rescue. Boris asked him what was wrong and the man said he is afraid his wife will be jealous she took a picture. Boris told him Sylvia thought his vegetables looked good, and she will take his picture back to the States and show her friends. Boris calmed him down. Sylvia was a bit more reserved about picture taking. The team members think Boris is so kind because he wathed out for them. He said, "It is ok, don't worry, be happy!". You might consider joining a mission team to be a part of this important work in God's Kingdome.

More stories like this will be shared next month… stay connected!